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This "homegrown" ram is one we have been especially pleased with. He was part of our show flock as a lamb and a yearling. He was the second place slicksheared Suffolk Yearling Ram at NAILE 2012. We have used him on the Cool Deal Daughters. He stands on the signature bone of his sire.

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SLACK 0108  "WORD"

This ram has an incredibly wide loin and has a super level hip. His lambs are thick, wide and level.

Owned by McCoy Hamps & Club Lambs, WV

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"Bruce" has been our lead crossbred sire. He has really raised the level of our club lamb program. He is sired by "Wise Guy" who sold for $16,000 in Sedelia in 2009 who also sired the National Champion Market Lamb in 2010. This ram has a great hip that he passes on to his offspring. We have retained many of his daughters to cross with The Rock and Holy Cow.

Thank you to Mikayla Peterson on his purchase.



This ram was acquired as a lamb through our purchase of the Meadows Suffolk flock. We have been quite happy with the amount of bone he put on his lambs. We have retained several ewes sired by this ram.


Home Run

Grand Slam x Trail Boss
Homerun is the twin brother to the great Kool buck from Bradley Johnson We are very excited about the addition of Home Run from Ashley’s Club Lambs. This Johnson Ram out of Oklahoma. Check out his lambs next spring.



We are quite pleased with the lambs from this ram purchased from Tom Slack. He was destined for Sedalia, but we brought him home instead! This ram is tremendously long (so long Chris can't reach from last rib to hip bone), he has depth of body, is tremendously wide over the top and has a great deal of size. He worked well on our Megabyte and Excel daughters.
Codon RR Spider NN.

Flash Drive

AUVILLE 73711 "Flash Drive"


We are also excited about Power Point Son out of one of our best Megabyte daughters. This ram has size, thickness and pattern. Many of our purebred Suffolks will be bred to this ram this fall. Check out his lambs next spring.
Codon RR Spider NN.


AUVILLE 7122 "Gigabyte"


We are pleased to introduce this Megabyte son. He is his "father's son". We will be breeding many ewes to him this fall (Power Point, IMAC & Excel daughters). This lamb has the widest top we have ever handled (even bigger than his dad's). We have not seen a ram of this thickness anywhere we have been this year. Watch for his offspring next year.
Codon RR Spider NN.


SLACK 116i "Megabyte"


We are deeply saddened by the lost of Megabyte. He has been the cornerstone of our breeding program for many years. We are fortunate to have several daughters and granddaughters of this legendary ram.


SLACK 0518 "Excel"


We purchased this ram from Tom Slack in 2005. We went looking for a ram with a lot of extension, that was clean fronted and could add that "show appeal" and that's what we got! We lost Excel this spring. We will be keeping all his yearling ewes as well as the ewe lambs from the 2007 lamb crop. Look for his genetics crossed with Megabyte and Power Point!
Codon RR Spider NN.


SLACK 01-1227 "iMac"


This ram is an unregistered Suffolk. He is straight in his lines, level topped and stands on correct set of feet and legs. He produces club lambs that are thick but have style and pattern as well.
Codon RR Spider NN.
Thank you to Kelly Mansfield on her purchase of this exceptional ram. Good Luck Kelly.


Crossbred Rams



This ram was selected from Clay Elliott's spring sale and is sired by "Holy Moley" out of a Composure daughter. He is VERY wide with lots of power. To quote Clay, "This buck is perfectly structured. His neck set and shoulder shape are constructed right and only helps to accentuate his skeletal quality. He has great shape to his rack and loin. He's great when planted but when he's turned loose to strut . . . now that's when the real story is told. He's just plain arrogant!"



This ram is sired by Hancock's "Rock of Ages" out of a "Stormcat" daughter. He is SUPER long, level and very "jacked up" in his front end. "Rock" has a square hip and plenty of "shag". We have been super impressed with his lambs. They carry his length, rack shape and clean front. We can't wait to cross these ewes with Holy Cow!



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